Concentric Needle Electrodes

The Recording Area Indicator has been designed such that, as an added feature, it facilitates easy ‘hands free’ disposal of the needle from the cable.

For single use only. 

Packing: 25 individually packed electrodes per box, presterilized.

Sterilization: EtO.

 Needle length
Needle diameter  Hub colour  Part number 
 25 mm
0.30 mm   Red  B50600-001
 25 mm
0.40 mm   Yellow  B50600-002
 30 mm
0.30 mm Pink  B50600-006
 37 mm
0.45 mm  Green  B50600-003
 50 mm
0.45 mm  Blue  B50600-004
 75 mm 0.60 mm Violet  B50600-005

Hypodermic Needle Electrodes

Hypodermic Needle Electrodes ( "Botox" )

The AigletteTM Disposable Hypodermic Needle Electrode is a high quality product developed for simultaneous Botulium Toxin (or other medicine) injection an EMG recording or electrical stimulation. The six different sizes enable you to cover all treatment areas.

Wire length 75 cm and safety DIN 42802 connector.

 Needle length
Needle diameter  Hub colour  Part number 
 25 mm
0.30 mm (30 Gauge)  Red  L2530-335 
 25 mm
0.40 mm (27 Gauge)  Yellow  L2540-335 
 37 mm
0.40 mm (27 Gauge) Orange  L3740-335
 37 mm
0.45 mm (26 Gauge) Green  L3745-335
 50 mm
0.50 mm (25 Gauge) Blue  L5050-335 
 75 mm 0.70 mm (22 Gauge) Violet  L7570-335 

Re-Usable Single Fiber Needle

Reusable Single Fiber Needle Electrode

A platinum-iridium recording surface is presented through a side port opposite to the cutting edge bevel, close to the needle tip.
The position of the recording electrode is indicated by a white dot on the needle hub. The core of the electrode has a diameter of 25 µm.

25 mm 0.40 mm (27 Gauge) Brown D225-301
40 mm 0.45 mm (26 Gauge) Black D24-301

Disposable Single Fiber

DSFN3804553707  Disposable Single Fiber Needle

Needle diam.0,45 x 37mm ETO sterile

5 pcs / pkg

Cable for needles

Needle Cable from Technomed

Required for use with our Disposable and Reusable Concentric and Single Fiber Needle Electrodes.

Our shielded reusable cables are 1 meter long

Packing: 1 piece per package.

Connector Cable P/N:
5-pole DIN connector Standard

3x DIN 42 802 connector Standard
5-pole DIN connector

Needle Cable from Ambu

100NHN71     5-pole DIN connector

Stimulation Electrodes

Felt Pad Electrode

P20-431       Re-usable Felt pad electrode (with Touch Proof -connectors)

P20-451       Re-usable Felt pad electrode (with 5 Pole DIN-connector)

ST90-671      with 5-pole DIN plug 270°

ST90-672      with 5-pole DIN plug 180°

(10 pcs / pkg)


Velcro strap

2 cm x 55cm,3 pcs / box


Ground Electrodes


Ground Electrode

100 pcs /  box

Disposable Ground Electrode

GROUND adhesive electrode 40x50mm 

1 m wire, Order code:K50431-002 

2 m wire, Order code:K50431-003

20 pcs / Box

Adhesive electrode, round 20mm 

1 m wire, Order code: K50430-001 

2 m wire, Order code: K50430-002

40 pcs / Box

Adhesive electrode, Ag/AgCl 25x36 mm 

Solid gel, 50 pcs / pouch, snap connector

Order code: 42-0016

Adhesive electrode - snap connector (25 pcs / box)

24mm Diam, Order code: CDES000024 

20mm Diam, Order code: CDES000020

Adhesive electrode - snap connector (20 pcs / box) 

20 x 25mm, Order code:  DENIL02025 

15 x 20mm, Order code: DENIS01520

Adhesive electrode 15 x 20 mm

15 cm wire: SDENIS01526

60 cm wire: SDENIS06026

100 cm wire: SDENIS10026

150 cm wire: SDENIS15026

Adhesive electrode 20 x 25 mm

15 cm wire: SDENIL01526

60 cm wire: SDENIL06026

100 cm wire: SDENIL10026

150 cm wire: SDENIL15026

Sales units: 60 pcs and 120 pcs. Please specify while ordering!

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