Intra Operative Monitoring

Our Intra Operative equipment cover the whole range of surgeries. We supply Dr. Langer Medical nerve integrity monitors for smaller scale IOM such as Thyroid and ENT surgeries. Cadwell Cascade Elite and Pro represent advanced IOM equipment for more complex surgeries, like neurosurgery. Our IOM products are the leading product line in Scandinavia and our equipment are present in most of the Scandinavian university hospitals.

  • 32 channels and 64 inputs
  • All-modality monitoring
  • Robust and reliable hardware
  • Industry-leading service support
  • Base can be located near the patient, on bed, IV pole, equipment shelf or Jackson table
  • Water resistant base unit (rated to IP64)
  • Patented shielding technology in amplifier input extender cables
  • Patented quick-connect cable fasteners speed setup & teardown
  • FDA cleared tceMEP stimulator
  • Several electrical stimulator boxes to choose from
  • Intuitive and easy to use software that’s fast to set up and simple to learn
  • Remote monitoring for viewing and review data independent of unit in surgery
  • Sixteen unique data-window types
  • Up to 20 user-programmable data-window views
  • Automatic report generator
  • Automatic interleaving
  • Video software with auto-capture and multiple input support
  • NerveGuard® automated screw testing software

Cascade PRO

The Cascade® PRO:

  • Transforms between a 16- and 32-channel system in seconds
  • Amp housing allows base unit to stack on top of amps
  • Amp housing can be removed and amps placed at bedside
  • Thin and light base unit for maximal portability
  • Laptop, base unit and amps can be attached and ported together for easy setup/takedown
  • Filtered pods reduce noise and provide surge protection during electrocautery
  • Supports two new stimulators that increase your case-by-case flexibility: the ES-IX® and TCS-4®

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