Below is a list of our partners, short description and links to their webpages.
Advancing medical technology to help you, help others.

Brain Products dedicates itself to the research and understanding of the human brain and nervous system.  With versatile hardware and software solutions the company enriches the complex and fascinating neurophysiological market.

Grass Technologies designs and develops leading edge products in the field of Neurology and other Life Science markets. These products include clinical and research instruments, software, and supplies that fulfill applications in EEG, Long-term Epilepsy Monitoring, and Sleep Monitoring.
World's biggest custom-made manufacturing company for neurophysiological research.

Ad-Tech Medical has been dedicated to providing the finest devices for the surgical treatment of epilepsy as well as devices for neurosurgery. Ad-Tech’s epilepsy monitoring products have become known as the “gold standard”..
Technomed Europe is a supplier of Neurodiagnostic Accessories.
GVB-geliMED is a supplier of medical-diagnostic accessories

Medoc Advanced Medical Systems develops, manufactures and markets advanced Pain & Sensory Thermal Stimulators and Quantitative Sensory Testing devices for both advanced research and for the clinical markets

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